We understand the commercial sensitivity of your data. This application has been developed using industry-standard practices for data security in cloud environments. We have previously built systems handling sensitive industrial and healthcare data and have passed client-initiated security audits by penetration testing firms.

Data Stored

This application is used for correcting PXRF geochemistry data, and requires internal sample IDs, geochemistry measurements for each sample, and information about laboratory standards. Data stored by this application does not include any geographical location data or borehole data that is not in the sample IDs.

Data Location

Data is stored in data centers located in North America by default. Should you require data to be limited to certain geographical regions, this can be specified on request.

Who we share data with

We do not share data with anyone, or any third parties, unless at your specific written request.

How long we retain data

We retain files and data uploaded to the application for a period of one year following the last user action relating to this data.

What control you have over your data

At any point, all data uploaded to the application can be deleted by the user, and all copies are removed from the application systems.